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Whether you’re using your pool to cool down in the summer, or heating it up for winter use – pools these days get a huge work out.

And it’s a fact – this constant use will rapidly change the chemical balance, which can make the pool unsafe to swim in. Today, we showcase two sensational products from a very innovative WA company. Pool Controls.

To help keep your pool clean and healthy ‘automatically’ this summer – in fact all year round, no matter how much you use it!

We all know the best way to cool down on a hot summer’s day is to get in the pool! But who wants to jump in if it’s green, gooey and algae infested...and, the ‘swamp’ look isn’t very inviting...but it’s what you can’t see, that’s most dangerous.

Well, the innovaters at Pool Controls have designed these WA genius inventions called the ‘Chemigem’ and now, there’s the ‘Saltigem’.
These Automatic systems will balance the water continuously in the pool without you needing to lift a finger! So you can sit back and relax! And after 30 years experience in water control management – They’ve got the runs on the board.
Pool Controls has the track record of invention, design and manufacture experience in automated water management systems. Their flagship is the Chemigem, and is by far their biggest selling system sold nationally.

And this is the latest model. It was only launched last season and is a leap forward in Automatic Pool Monitoring technology. It’s energy efficient and a cinch to use!

Gone are the days of ‘hit and miss’ methods of you guessing and adding your own chemicals.
This little beauty constantly measures water quality and keeps the levels perfect while you sleep – providing consistent levels of water sanitation while using far less chlorine and acid.

This means you get a better result – and save money!

Compared to a salt chlorinator, a Chemigem can slash your pump time in half, which means you save power, the environment and your hip pocket.
Just by using a Chemigem, you can save up to $500 on your power bill – which gives you a little extra for other things.… Like pool toys, or umbrellas and things.

As mentioned the other great thing about Chemigem systems is they’re Australian made. In fact, they’re made and assembled in this factory right here in Balcatta.

Not that it will happen, but should there be something wrong with your old Chemigem model and you need it to be fixed, the service guys can solve the problem quick smart. Which means, the kids will be happy and you’ll get to enjoy your pool a lot faster!

With a Chemigem, you ‘automatically’ maintain instant sanitation in less than 20 minutes! And now, for those that prefer a Salt Water Pool, they’ve brought out the Saltigem. Compared to the old, mostly manual and inaccurate systems the Chemigem and Saltigem, by Pool Controls, can cope with seasonal or temperature changes and they won’t bleach your pool blanket either.

There is also a 2 year warranty on all units and of course, great aftercare service. So save time and work keeping your pool safe and balanced – Invest in a Chemigem or Saltigem today...let your pool look after you!

Give the guys at Pool Controls a call on 1300 550 010 and see the unit that will suit you.