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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA




The Swiss have come up with a lot of great products. The Swiss watch, the Swiss army knife and the world’s most famous kitchen hand, the Bamix Wand Mixer.

Originally manufactured in 1950 the wand mixer has sold in the millions all over the world and due to its exceptional quality and versatility it remains one of the most popular kitchen tools sold today.

The mixer has a number of different attachments that allow you to whip, blend, chop, mince or crush and you can it all directly into your pot or saucepan.

It’s a great help in preparing so many different dishes and you’ll find the longer you have it the more you’ll use it.

And Bamix have not changed any of the fittings so if you’ve got a 20 year old hand mixer stashed away in your cupboard, you can buy any of the accessories and they’ll still fit. 

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