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This Week, Steve Sharp, our Personal Trainer looks at Rowing Machines with FUN & FITNESS@HOME. Steve helps demo the latest in home fitness and exercise gear. He’s teamed up with the Armando from the Armando Sports Super Store in O’Connor. They stock everything you’ll need for staying fit at Home.
Exercise isn’t something that has been “invented” in the last 50 years to be a nuisance. It was something we did much more of in our day to day tasks up until 50 years ago. Before we drove cars and pushed buttons. It’s no secret, using your body is a necessity for it to remain healthy. Has been since the start of time! Today it’s rowing machines that can help keep us fit @ HOME.

The rower works a large number of major muscle groups, whilst providing great fitness and calorie burn. Most of the momentum is driven by the legs, whilst the arms are still fully outstretched followed by the shoulder blades coming together and finally the biceps finishes off the movement. It’s important the back remains fairly upright throughout the movement.

Now you don’t need to guess…Finding a suitable rowing machine is made easy at Armando Sports but further, the team here will be able to advise you of the features of each rower. They start as low as $400 and most rowers fold up for easy storage. And for all other gear including games tables, trampolines and memorabilia Armando Sports has it all.

You could have all your Christmas shopping done at the one location, without the parking hassles. And they’ll even offer you a lay-by option for Christmas. There you have it, a great location to get the gear you need to stay fit and healthy and when buying make sure you mention HOME in WA and Armando and his team may give you 15 to 20% off the regular recommended retail price. Excludes sale items. .