Backyard Aquaponics

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Joel Malcolm & Faye Arcaro



(08) 9414 9334

(08) 9414 9334

Lot 77 Jandakot Road
Jandakot WA 6164

The Backyard Aquaponics system combines Aquaculture - fish farming - with raised garden beds to grow your vegetables hydroponically.  But where most hydroponic systems involve yet more chemicals, Aquaponics uses the natural fertilizers produced by fish to get your garden blooming.

The system basically works by using the water from the fish tank, which is full of just the sort of nutrients that plants love, to water the beds above.  The plants in the garden bed effectively clean the water by removing those excess nutrients and then that clean, oxygen rich water is returned to the fish tank.
You can grow all manner of seasonal vegetables in these beds, or you can simply have an ornamental garden.  You can also choose to have fish that are purely ornamental, like Koi, or grow table fish like Trout or Barramundi for harvesting.
Backyard Aquaponics will come out to your site and evaluate exactly which system is right for you and for your garden.  There is a fee involved, but if you choose to have a system installed, that fee will be taken off the price.

Systems range from small set-ups that will fit on a balcony through to large systems that will provide you with enough to feed the entire family.  And all systems are expandable, so they can grow to meet your needs.