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It’s that time of the year….when family and friends spend hours cooling off in their swimming pool so it is extremely important to clean it properly because while the clear water looks inviting from the outside, the reality is that harmful bacteria and fungus are often invisible and hidden in even the clearest of waters.

The most effective way to do this is to get yourself a good automatic pool cleaner that is suited to your pool and two of the most popular cleaners on the market are the Klever Kleena and the Kreepy Krauly.

Since 1951 the Kreepy Krauly has been a common sight in backyards all around Australia. Today it is still the number one pool cleaner due to its reputation of being the best automatic pool cleaning system in the world.

The Marathon is a great Aussie all-rounder because it not only vacumes your pool, but has a unique 4 way cleaning system. It scrubs, sweeps and skims your pool for surface debris, leaving it sparkly clean above and below the surface.
Designed by the same clever people that brought you Kreepy Krauly, the Klever Kleena was created to suit the increasing number of smaller, geometric shaped pools that were being installed in backyards across Australia.

The Sprinta’s unique KleverTurbine technology propels it powerfully and silently across your pool and provides the maximum continuous suction that is the key to Sprinta’s exceptional surface cleaning efficiency.

Sprinta, as the name suggests, is fast. And with its KleverSteer and powerful turbine it’s extremely thorough so all that’s left for you to do is simply jump in and enjoy a refreshing swim in your sparkly clean pool!