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The first step to a thriving coastal garden is choosing plants that are suited to the harsh conditions. You'll need to find plants that can withstand strong winds, sandy soils and higher salt levels

Coastal gardens tend to have very sandy soils that struggle to hold water or nutrients so improving the soil before you plant is extra important.  To help combat the problem apply Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner to the soil.  

A soil wetting agent  like this increases the 'wettability' and water holding capacity of hard to wet soils, which allows for deeper penetration of the water into the root zone.
But this one goes one step further, it contains an added soil conditioner which promotes the development of good soil structure and improves plant uptake of essential nutrients.  It also stimulates beneficial soil microbes and helps to oxygenate the soil - all great for healthy, thriving plants!
There's also Seasol in the mix, which encourages healthy root growth so it's great for new plants trying to establish themselves and it also boosts plants resistance to drought, so it's great for dry soils by the coast.

On established gardens you only need to apply Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner three or four times a year, as the soil wetter remains active for months and makes watering, rainfall and liquid feeding more effective.
It's also safe to use on all the plants in your garden - including the lawn -  and because it reduces nutrient leaching and is low in phosphorous, it's great news for our waterways, too.
With the right care you can create a lush green haven no matter where you live.