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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Kim Bailey



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We all know the name Baileys when it comes to quality garden products, but you may not know that they are a family owned company operating out of Kwinana, Western Australia with an 80 year tradition and reputation built on quality and value. 

The Bailey family has been involved with the horticultural industry since 1926. From early beginnings at the family base in Spearwood they have supplied market gardeners, flower producers and orchardists through three generations.
Colin talked to Bailey’s ambassador Verity James and discovered that the Baileys site houses state of the art automated packaging for all composts, potting mixes and fertilisers. They also are big on efficient use, reuse and recycling to create minimisation of waste. 

In the Baileys laboratory they carry out soil, leaf and water tests to help their clients in applying the correct fertilisers. Other tests they undertake include looking into plant or animal pathogens.

Baileys produce a large range of top quality, environmentally friendly and widely recommended horticultural fertilisers and mulch.  They can also supply bulk quantities to turf farms, orchards, vineyards, golf clubs and sporting associations as well as hobby farmers and local councils.

The extensive range of Bailey’s fertilisers, wetting agents, potting mix, soil conditioners and mulches are also good for all our gardens at home

Baileys latest breakthroughs are the new Energy Garden and Energy Turf fertilisers. It’s a real first for WA being a unique fully granulated fertlliser which makes it easy and safe to use and it's packed with essential trace elements, blood and bone, humates and zeolite that are essential for healthy soil & plant growth.

 Energy Garden and Energy Turf are environmentally friendly, balanced fertilisers that help save water & optimise the effects of other soil additives in your garden and have been enjoying great success with market gardeners and in professional horticulture. For all the info check out their website.

Find Baileys fertilisers at all good Garden Centres and Retailers and as Verity James says in the TV ads...”Choose Baileys fertilisers because Great gardens are in the bag.”