'Re-potting tips with Seasol and Powerfeed'

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Regular re-potting will help make sure that your favourite pot plants have strong vigorous roots and remain lush and vibrant.  

If you want your potted plant to get bigger, the simplest way is to upsize your container - with a bigger root system and more potting mix, the plant is able to grow larger.
If you want your plants to stay in their old containers, you may need to trim the roots.  Tease them out and remove any that you're sure won't fit back in the pot.  If it's a fast growing variety, you might like to give it some room to grow by cutting the roots back quite hard with a pruning saw.
Soaking your plants in a bucket of Seasol solution while you prepare the pot helps to reduce the shock of transplanting - especially if you've had to trim the roots.
Use a good quality potting mix with the Australian Standards red tick - and it's worth going for one with a soil wetting agent because plants in pots can dry out quickly.
Finish off by using your Seasol solution to water the plants in.  Give them a good soak to further reduce any air pockets - you may even find you need to add a bit more soil.
Seasol reduces transplant shock and encourages healthy new root growth.  It also helps to develop strong, healthy root systems and makes plants more resistant to pests and diseases.
And all your plants in containers will benefit from a regular application of Seasol every few weeks.  You'll get more vigorous growth and bigger, more prolific fruit and flowers.
You can pick up Seasol as a concentrate for watering cans and as a pre-mixed hose on at all good Garden Centres and Retailers.