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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Lee Morris



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If you’ve been tossing up the idea of building, but have completely no idea where to start, I’ve got news for you… I’ve found out you can build this gorgeous open plan, indoor/outdoor home from just 200,000…wait til you step inside!

Welcome to what could be your future house!  This is Switch Homes’ latest display – the Switcheight180. Located at Brookleigh Estate in Caversham, it’s a visual treat inspired by the rolling vines of the Swan Valley and a contemporary take on the region’s federation-style homes.

Encompassing form and fluid design that accommodates the various living spaces, the family room incorporates both indoor and outdoor.  Floor-to-ceiling glass doors dominate the central living area and niche features such as recessed curtains and a flexible variety of ceiling details are showcased in this display.
Clever design allows these homes to evolve and grow with you. For example, Master wings with an adjoined room like this can be used as a nursery…and later SWITCHED into a study or parent’s retreat.

See these…some of these internal walls are stud walls, so if you want to SWITCH to a bigger open plan in the future, they’re easy to move.

Log on to switchhomes.com.au or visit their latest display, the Switcheight180, on Colorino Ave at Brookleigh Estate, Caversham.