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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





WA is about to have the biggest shakeup in building laws in 50 years which will affect those who are looking to build or renovate their home in WA.

With previous laws reflecting the way buildings were designed in the 50's, this NEW legislation has been updated to reflect modern building practices in Western Australia.

The Building Commission has been set up to oversee the new laws and act as a one-stop shop for the regulation of the building industry and service providers.

The Master Builders has warned members in the industry need to prepare for the new laws now.
If you are looking to build or renovate a new fee will charged of .09% of the contract value. With local governments fee on top of that it could be more expensive to lodge an application.

Perhaps the biggest change will be the option of getting private certification which will mean that building applications shouldn’t have to wait in Council as long as they did previously.

There is an option for an independent building surveyor to sign off your building’s compliance with the Building Codes, rather than a local council official. But applicants may still choose to use local governments who are also expected to provide certification services, even for buildings outside their local government area. Master Builders will also provide a private certification service for members.

There will be big changes for people wanting to be owner builders. They must now get government approval to be named as the builder on a building permit. A huge change, and they must demonstrate they have sufficient knowledge of their duties and responsibilities as a builder before approval is granted. One way of doing this will be to complete an approved owner-builder course.

With over 1500 members across the State including builders, contractors, suppliers and consultants, Master Builders will be making sure its members have plenty of information on how to adjust to the new building laws for WA.

Members will be kept informed with regular updates in Master Builders weekly newsletter. There will be training courses available that give builders the information they need to transition to this new way of obtaining building approvals. Master Builders will also be providing a private certification service and holding some information events for members.

The act will bring all facets of the building industry under the control of the Building Commission including the registration of building surveyors to deliver services in the private market, settling disputes and prosecuting unregistered practitioners.

The Building Commission will also educate the industry, community and government about the new building legislation and provide information and tools to help the system run better.
The new building laws are planned to come into effect on 31 October.