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Steve Sharp, our Personal Trainer this week showcases Cross Trainers on FITNESS@HOME. Over the next few months Steve will demo and help you choose the latest in home fitness and exercise gear. He’s teamed up with the Armando from the Armando Sports Super Store in O’Connor. They stock everything you’ll need for staying fit at Home.

It’s a fact, many of us are carrying 10 or more kilos of weight we shouldn’t have. But it is only when you physically see and pick up that amount of weight you realize how much you are carrying and how tiring it is. Here’s the secret to get it off!  As little as 30 minutes of exercise a day can help remove it and it can all be done @ HOME.
Take this Cross Trainer; it’s one of Steve’s favorites. Whole body movement is important for maximum calorie burn but the best feature of a Cross trainer is it’s easy on the joints. You’ll find a great range of Cross Trainers at Armando Sports and they’ll have one that suits you best and your budget. Bring in your gym shoes and test them out! The team at Armando Sports always encourages you to try the various machines. That way you only take home a machine that feels exactly right.

Another affordable way to gain fitness and strength is BOXING...
With a partner or with a boxing bag. All you need to build into your routine are some jabs, hooks, undercuts, knees and kicks and you have a complete work out. The Ring Master Multi Station is a great unit where 2 people can workout at the same time, boxing and doing their ab work. And as you’d expect Armando Sports have all the stuff like boxing mitts, bags, stands, gloves and pads.

You must check out Armando Sports super store as they have something for everyone and with Christmas around the corner perhaps you can do your shopping for your kids, grand kids or for yourself before the shopping rush. Armando can even lay-by your selection for Christmas. There you have it, a great location to get the gear you need to stay fit and health and when buying make sure you mention HOME in WA and Armando and his team may give you 15 to 20% off the regular recommended retail price. Excludes sale items. .