Seasol and Powerfeed

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Your garden needs a balanced diet of naturally occurring growth stimulants and trace elements to keep plants healthy along with food to get them growing.

As an all-round plant tonic, SeaSol helps to establish a strong and vigorous root system and thickens the cell walls to boost plants' resistance to disease, pests and drought.  It also provides beneficial soil micro-organisms to boost overall plant health.

Seasol is ideal for gardens in any conditions - including on the coast - but it's not a fertilizer - it's like the vegetable component of a healthy diet.  To give your garden a growth spurt, you need to feed your plants by adding some dynamic fertilizer to the mix.

PowerFeed is like the meat in your garden's diet.  It's made from Fish and contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium essential for plant growth.  It also contains liquid composts that help to increase beneficial microbes in the soil.

PowerFeed also acts as a soil conditioner, helping to open up clay soils and reducing nutrient run-off from sandy soils.

Apply both PowerFeed and Seasol every couple of weeks during the growing season to give your garden a balanced diet.  You'll have healthier plants, bigger blooms and more vigorous growth.  And you can use it in garden beds or in pots and containers.  
SeaSol and PowerFeed are safe for all the plants in your garden including fruit trees and natives and because they're organic products, they're safe for our waterways, too.
Find Seasol and PowerFeed at all good Garden Centres and Retailers.