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Summer is just around the corner and I can’t wait to kick the winter woollies. Soon it’ll be finding ways to keep cool…and besides these yummy things we all know the biggest luxury is walking into a cool, air-conditioned room.

Coming home to a good air conditioning system can be a lifesaver during those hot and sticky months. Just think about the comfort – it’ll keep the stress levels down and you’ll feel more refreshed.

But, before you make any big purchases, it definitely pays to do your homework. Of course you want the best deal, but when it comes to the install do you really want to know ‘who’ does the work, and how experienced they are before letting them into your home?

I’ve found a genius way to find the best contractor for the job. Just check out this website

Advantage Air has been researching, designing and building the highest quality air-conditioning components for more than 20 years. They created this website so consumers wouldn’t have to do the tedious run around when it came to finding the right contractor.

This new interactive website is a little black book containing 30 of some the best air-conditioning contractors around town. There is a real mixture. From large to small companies, upcoming to well established and experienced installers for all the main brands.

What I love about this website is you can watch a mini video of all the air-con experts before you choose which one makes the drive out to you. All you have to do is click on the ‘meet the people’ tab. This way, you’re in charge. It’s kind of like a semi-interview and you get to choose who you feel most comfy with to contact for a quote to install.

In addition to this, Advantage Air has also compiled a useful info page on the different types of air con systems out there, such as evaporative, gas, heating, reverse cycle plus more.

And it also includes a ‘price calculator’ and a list of top tips you need to consider when buying your air conditioning system.

Erin O’Riley from Advantage Air says we can minimise our energy use but still enjoy the benefits of air conditioning.

“Using the scheduling program to only operate the system when required and running the system on ‘Vent’ overnight in summer will greatly reduce your energy bill. And think about it, there will be many times when the outside air temperature is cooler than that inside your house so, simply open your windows and let the sea breeze in.”

“You also need to consider setting the temperature of your system so that it will give you the comfort you need without using excessive electricity – we suggest 24˚C in summer and 21˚C in winter.”

“Also, when it comes to building design, new homes will progressively be built to a six star energy rating in WA. The following considerations will reduce the heat load on your home:

  • Northern orientation of living rooms

  • Natural ventilation through windows and doorways

  • Shading with wider eaves and awnings

  • Increased insulation in roof space and walls

  • Treated window products and smaller east or west facing windows.

  • Light coloured roofs and walls

  • Ceiling fans in living areas and bedrooms

  • Well-designed outdoor living areas.

And finally, Zoning. This is the process whereby you divide the house up by rooms or areas so that you can operate each room individually. A common mistake is to split the house into only 3 or 4 zones rather than making each room a separate zone. Imagine if you had only 3 or 4 light switches for your house – you would likely be concerned at the energy wastage with lights on in areas you didn’t need – it is the same with your air-conditioning system.”

“Zoning isn’t a solution in itself, it requires the willingness and discipline to turn off the zone you are leaving and turning on the zone you are entering. With rising energy costs, it makes sense to have the same discipline with the use of our air-conditioning that we have learnt to have with our lighting.”

So why not log on to and get your home sorted this summer – you won’t even have to break out a sweat!