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Steve Sharp, our Personal Trainer joined the show this week with a new segment, FITNESS@HOME. Over the next few months Steve will demo and help you choose the latest in home fitness and exercise gear. He’s teamed up with the Armando from the Armando Sports Super Store in O’Connor. They stock everything you’ll need for staying fit at Home.
We all know treadmills are an ideal way keep fit without having to step outside and if you use one around 3 times a week it offers much greater shock absorption than running on the road.
Of course you can walk, jog or run but you can increase the gradient or slope, which really works the hamstrings, glutes and calves. Most will also fold away for easy storage and to keep out of the way of children.  Armando Sports is a ‘super store’, with a designated section for nearly every popular sport. There’s something there for everyone! At the moment, owner Armando has treadmills starting at a low $600 dollars up to this premium model which for a limited time includes a VIBE TRAINER FREE with the purchase. It’s really good value at $2199 for the complete package
A vibration trainer will enhance fat loss, increase bone density and help maintain muscle and it just feels good! Combine that with some work on a Swiss ball and you have a complete workout.

As mentioned the Armando Sports super store has something for everyone and with Christmas in mind perhaps you can do something clever and do your shopping for your kids, grand kids or for yourself before the shopping rush. Armando can even lay-by your selection for Christmas. There you have it, a great location to get the gear you need to stay fit and health and when buying make sure you mention HOME in WA and Armando and his team may give you 15 to 20% off the regular recommended retail price. Excludes sale items.