'For Lush Green Lawns'

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It's easy to forget that your lawn is just like any other plant and needs the same sort of care.  Of course, you prune it often - with the mower - but do you remember to give your grass what it needs to stay healthy?
Applying SeaSol to your lawn is a great way to boost its overall health by stimulating root growth and making it more resistant to pests, diseases and drought.
Your lawn also needs feeding and SeaSol for Lush Green Lawns contains a specifically formulated nutrient mix to give your lawn a balanced diet, ideal for optimum plant health and vigorous growth.

Lawns love Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium and SeaSol for Lush Green Lawns has those along with liquid composts to improve the soil under your lawn.  There's also a soil wetter in the mix and the two together will reduce water run-off and nutrient leaching.

If you do have any patches of lawn that need some extra attention, give them a topdress before applying SeaSol for Lush Green Lawns and aerating the lawn with a fork will help it penetrate.

SeaSol for Lush Green Lawns comes in a ready-mixed hose-on pack making it really easy to apply every two or three weeks during the warmer months.

The combination of SeaSol, NPK, trace elements, liquid composts and a wetting agent makes SeaSol for Lush Green Lawns ideal for WA's sandy soils, particularly in coastal areas. So now you can now give your lawn everything it needs to grow lush and green with one easy-to-apply product.

You can pick up Seasol for Lush Green Lawns at all good Garden Centres and Retailers.