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The secret to great tasting vegetables is rapid growth – it really locks in all the flavour - and PowerFeed now has a fertilizer that’s been specially formulated for vegies.

PowerFeed for Vegies contains the same fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts as regular PowerFeed and now also has more of everything that vegies need to thrive.
The new formula has higher nitrogen and potassium, more Fish, more Humic Acids – those are the composty things – and more Trace elements, so it promotes vigorous growth and larger yields for bigger, tastier harvests, which is just what you want from your vegie patch.
Simply apply 45ml of PowerFeed for Vegies liquid concentrate in 9 litres of water or hose-on the pre-mixed once every couple of weeks during the growing season.
You’ll soon see a difference in growth and performance and PowerFeed for Vegies is also great for fruit trees and flowering plants and safe for all the plants in your garden, including Natives.

Find PowerFeed for Vegies at all good Garden Centres and Retailers.

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