With winter upon us it’s important your house has everything it needs to handle these cold days and make hibernation as comfortable and cost efficient as possible.

There are a number of great heating products on the market for winter at Retravision, whether its electric or gas heaters, electric blankets or the most cost effective form of home heating, inverter reverse cycle air conditioning.

As well as saving the environment they are also a huge saver in running costs as they use heat from the outside and direct it inside. They run a lot more efficiently extending the life of the product by not overworking and are up to 30% cheaper to run than traditional air conditioners.

An inverter air conditioner is more consistent in maintaining the desired temperature and is quieter in operation. Not to mention they’re reverse cycle keeping you comfortable all year round!

Running your inverter air conditioner at the beginning of the day and gradually building up to your desired temperature you will help to reduce the running costs. It also helps if your house is insulated.

If you’re after a gas heater, a convector heater is ideal for heating larger spaces, and they have no flames so they’re safer. A radiant heater offers spot heating and needs to be positioned closer to you.