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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA




There’s nothing new about digital thermometer probes that measure the temperature of your food as it’s cooking, but what makes the MAVERICK ET-72 different is that it has a cordless remote monitor, which means the days of running back and forth between dinner guests and your oven, hoping you having overcooked the roast, are history!

Simply program the monitor for the type of meat you’re cooking, whether it veal, beef, pork, lamb, turkey or chicken and the style of cooking so whether you’d like it rare, medium, medium well, or well done. Then you can take the monitor up to 30 meters away and it will display the current temperature as well as the target temperature and will beep once it’s done.

The Maverick is also great for barbies allowing you to sit in front of the TV watching the footy without having to get up to check whether you’re meats cooked.

Just another way Kitchen Witch makes your life that little bit easier!

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