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Made from super-dense poly-urethane and fibre-cement, these Fbm Corporation’s new building panels offer unprecedented strength and homes can be constructed in a fraction of the time.

A faster build not only means enormous savings upfront, it also means less interest to pay on your mortgage.  In fact, overall, building your home using Fbm composite will save you around 30% on the cost of the build. 

Windows, doors and all the fixings are the same as for traditional builds, so there’s no hidden extra costs.  Pipes or cables are simply countersunk, taped and plastered, making it easier to carry out any future repairs.

There’s no restrictions on design, either.  You can build one, two, three or however many stories you like.  This material gives you a double or single brick look, your home will also be cyclone-rated and it’s also fire-retardent. And the advantages don’t end there; there are also more cost savings to be had.

Fbm’s new composite is the most thermally efficient building material on the planet and transfers virtually no heat or cold.  So, your future energy savings will benefit both you and the environment.

It’s strong, water-proof, fire-retardant, faster to build with and it’s cheaper than traditional materials. If that’s not enough, it offers environmental benefits far superior to any other product on the market and still manages to be one of the only building material currently available to meet and even exceed regulations in the 2011 Australian Building Code without the addition of other materials.

Find out more about this innovative new product at www.fbmcorp.com.au and if you’re building a new Home in WA, save yourself time and money by asking your builder to use Fbm's R9 building panels.