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A smart phone can check e-mail, surf the Net, play music and you can even use it to put together a workout, which, you gotta admit, is all pretty smart.  You can now also use it to make your life more comfortable – now that is smart!
Advantage Air has a well-established reputation as suppliers of quality air-conditioning systems designed to make your life more comfortable and now operating your air-con is more convenient than ever.

Now, all of the features found on the Advantage Air touch screen controller can be found on the iPhone ap, so you have full control of your air-conditioning from, well, anywhere at all.
Whether you’re in another room or another State, you can turn any of the zones on or off, adjust the amount of warm or cool air going into any room of your house and control the 24-hour timer so you can schedule rooms to turn on or off automatically.
The Advantage Air iPhone app will be available for free later this year and an app for the iPad is currently in development.
So for the ultimate in climate control convenience, use your smart phone as a phone and give Advantage Air a call to find out more!