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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA





With the horrendous storms of last year still fresh in our minds, and winter approaching, it’s timely to prepare for storms so that we can avoid costly repairs. Most storm damage results from old or blocked gutters. And who better to help us out than The Master Builders Association of W.A.

Most of us will remember to clean out gutters. But even with new homes and clean gutters, we can still have water overflowing.
The gutters and downpipes on our homes are actually not designed to collect all stormwater. The Building Code of Australia requires we make provision for overflow so that water does not flow back into the home causing unsightly mould and bubbling paint on eaves linings.

There is a huge range of rainwater tanks available for small spaces or even for installation under garage floors. It is important to discuss your stormwater disposal needs with your builder and council as requirements can vary.

The Master Builders Bankwest Housing Excellence Award winning Jade 909 by Right Homes, shows how rain water can be stored and reused, harvesting nearly 80% of water from roof run off for use in the home and on the garden.

The small investment of installing these can save a home owner real money over the lifetime of the home, savings on storm damage repairs as well as reducing the burden on our states already stretched water resources. Master Building Association has recently launched a new ‘Inspired Building Initiative’ to share information on cost effective and sustainable construction in WA.