Aussie Electric Ride on Cars & Budget Computers

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3 / 1904 Beach Road
Malaga WA 6090

Just about every kid loves electric ride on toys. They move about on their own with just a push of a pedal, they move fairly fast and they horns, indicators and lights. And at Aussie Electric Ride on Cars there is a a huge selection of cars and bikes to choose from for kids of all ages.

Aussie Electric Ride-On Cars operate out of their store in Malaga, which is combined with Budget Computers. As well as selling and repairing computers they also sell and repair Electric Ride-On cars and bikes of all sizes and descriptions, for kids age 2 to 11.

From convertibles and 4WD buggies to police bikes and two seater jeeps they come with either a 6 or 12 volt rechargeable battery and a 6 month warrantee. Plus the guys at Aussie Electric Ride on Cars have all the spare parts you need to repair or even restore old ride on cars.

Starting from just $179 for a trendy motorbike and up to $480 for the popular two seater jeep, Aussie Electric Ride-On Cars provide invaluable enjoyment and are an ideal tool for fun and games for highly active minds and bodies!
If you can’t get to their Malaga store you can order online at and they’ll pop you’re order in the post. Lay by is also available.