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"Point, Connect, Send/Print"

The old way of operating a camera involved the ongoing cost of processing, photos not coming out properly and the storage of prints in albums, resulting in damage, misplaced, deterioration, bulky storage.

The new way is simply to :-

point and shoot.
Check the picture on LCD display. If you don't like it, delete and shoot again.
Download pics on to PC. Now they are here, you can do a myriad of things with them. i.e. use a pic to create a Xmas card for friends/family.
Save pics to CD for easy and long lasting storage, or leave them stored on your hard drive.
Print them out, or email them to anyone in the world.
The new age of Camcorders

The old way:

Big, bulky machines.
Lots of shake created by movement.
Unwanted footage which is boring to watch.
Bulky storage of tapes.
The new way:

Technology to edit and create a movie like experience.
You can add music and all other sorts of effects.
Again, store on CD.
Send via email to anywhere in the world. Eg weekly movie clip emailed to grandparents showing the development of grandchildren, for example.
Retravision have 60 stores throughout Western Australia. They have friendly, trained staff who will be glad to explain all your questions about digital imaging, DVD audio visual, VCR recorders, wide, round and flat screen television and home theatre

Retravision have been helping WA families for more than 40 years - they are still there for the Mum's and Dad's ass well as technical assistance for the audio-visual buff, young or old