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Have you ever woken up in the morning & shivered all the way to the bathroom? And then in the summer you can't sleep because the house feels like an oven!

Well, Thermoducks insulation bats will not only solve that problem, they'll also help protect your ceiling against water damage! Which is exactly why they're called Thermoducks. Not because they're filled with feathers, but because they are completely waterproof.

All Thermoducks are completely enclosed by a waterproof cover, so a layer of these ducks in the roof-space will form a barrier to help protect your ceiling in case the roof leaks.

Each Thermoduck is made up of an aluminiumised cover, a layer of cellulose fibre and a layer of air. It's this layered design that makes Thermoducks so efficient, and perform so well. And because they're partly filled with air, they're also very light, which means much less stress on the ceiling.

Inside Thermoducks is a combination of recycled materials including pulverised newspaper. This is all treated to resist both fire and vermin, and sealed inside a waterproof cover. And this is probably the Thermoducks' greatest advantage. Being self-contained the Thermoduck is completely dust-free, which makes it perfect for health conscious people or those with allergies or asthma.

Kerry Maddern is one satisfied Thermoducks customer. With two young children who both have Cystic Fibrosis, Kerry's main concern when choosing insulation was floating fibres; she wanted an insulation that wouldn't have any. That made Thermoducks the ideal choice, because they have absolutely no loose fibres at all.

There's no dust or fumes during installation either, so there's no need for installers to wear gloves or masks. And because there's no cutting involved, there's no danger of any noxious fibres floating around.

There's no cutting involved with Thermoducks because these handy bats can be easily moulded to fit any shape or space. And because they can be installed to fit your roofspace so snugly, Thermoducks can provide maximum efficiency.

Being small, clean and self-contained, Thermoducks are simple to install, so, yes, you can do it yourself. But, of course, you'll get the best quality installation if you get a professional to do it …and you won't have to crawl in the roofspace!

As easy as they are to work with, Thermoducks are also super easy to work around. Electricians and tradesmen love them, because there's no itchy fibres in the roofspace. And to get to the wiring or plumbing, you just need to push the Ducks aside or move them out of the way altogether.

And according to Managing Director and Owner, Brett Heady, insulating your home has several benefits. It will not only keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, it can also slash up to 40% off your energy bills.

Insulation will really keep your home comfortable all year round, but now is the ideal time to buy. Thermoducks are offering Home in WA viewers $100 off the cost off insulating your whole home. All you need to do is mention the show when you call for a quote. If you're still at the planning or building stage, call Thermoducks anyway, because they will hold that offer for you until you're ready to install.

So if your heater or air-conditioner only work when you're practically sitting on top of them, then its probably a good time for you to get in touch with the team at Thermoducks for an obligation free quote.

Thermoducks cost $9.35 pm2 fully installed and that's including GST.

Find out more about Thermoducks or arrange a quote by giving Brett & the team a call on 9240 4636.