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Natalie Ball



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It’s amazing to think that computers as we know them have only been around for last 30 years. These days we do everything online from grocery shopping and booking flights to buying a house and even securing a home loan!
As the big banks increase their interest rates, more and more people are moving online to re-finance or secure their home loan, through a direct lender such as MYRATE. is a multi-award winning online home loan lender that provides a low cost, full service and feature-packed alternative to traditional lenders, with all of MYRATE’s loans securely funded by ING.

The key to MYRATE’s success is that they're a direct lender which means you deal with them directly. There are no middlemen to pay, and best of all, because you apply and manage your account online and over the phone you're saving time and money.

There are no fees on standard applications and MYRATE’s interest rate is always around 1% lower than the major banks. You could pocket a saving of up to $100,000 over the lifetime of your loan!

And those low rates doesn’t mean you’re getting thin service. MYRATE have won a bucket load of awards and there is always someone on the end of the line to answer any questions and talk you through the whole process.

You could save thousands of dollars from the comfort of your own home, just by refinancing or getting a loan with MYRATE, which has got to be better than giving more of your hard earned cash to banks!