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Harsh winds and salt air can make life difficult for a garden, and on the coast, plants usually also have to cope with poor quality soils.  Poor soils don’t hold water or nutrients which can leave plants struggling, so improving it is a priority.

Made from fish, PowerFeed provides all the essential nutrients plants need for healthy growth.  It also contains liquid composts that condition the soil.

Good soil holds water and nutrients, making them available to plants.  Applied regularly, PowerFeed also provides long-term benefits for both plants and the environment.

Powerfeed is ideal for many Australian Natives that are suited to coastal gardens because it contains very low levels of phosphorous so is safe for Australian natives and our waterways.

Regular applications of Seasol will also help your plants to survive in coastal areas.  Seasol is like a dose of multi-vitamins for your garden, helping them to better cope with stresses like wind, heat and drought.

For best results combine both PowerFeed and Seasol, to give your garden a completely balanced diet.

With regular application, Seasol and PowerFeed can help improve your garden, no matter where you live in WA - including on the coast.  Seasol products are Australian made from sustainable resources and can help to keep your garden thriving even in the toughest conditions.

Look for Seasol and PowerFeed – and their handy pre-mixed pack – in garden centres, hardware stores and selected supermarkets