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From up in Kalbarri to down in Dunsborough, WA’s harsh coastal conditions can pose some challenges for gardeners because plants near the ocean need to cope with strong winds, sandy soils and salt air.

Many plants are suited to life on the coast but to help them along there are things you can do to give a coastal garden a better chance of thriving.

When deciding where to plant, make use of your existing garden architecture to protect more sensitive plants or create shelter using plantings of hardier varieties.  

For example Olearia axillaris makes a great hedge that looks good, will thrive on the coast and will offer protection from wind and salt air.

You can also help your garden to cope with the stresses of coastal life – like wind and poor soil- by dropping a scoop of Seasol planting gel in when you plant to ensure that plants have easy access to everything they need while they get established.

Seasol Planting Gel is a semi-hydrated water crystal that’s injected with Seasol and a dynamic nutrient formula.  Seasol promotes root growth and it promotes thicker, stronger cell walls, which makes plants better able to cope with stresses like heat, wind and drought.

You can have a beautiful garden in spite of harsh climatic conditions simply by choosing the right plants for your location and the right spot in your garden for planting them.

Look for Seasol Planting Gel in garden centres, hardware stores and selected supermarkets.