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When it comes to WaterWise plants for Australian conditions, Australian Natives obviously top the list.  Native plant species are perfectly designed to survive in our arid climate and can thrive on the minimum amount of water.

Five top natives for planting in WA are Chorizema cordatum- the vibrant flame pea, Boronia heterophylla or red boronia with its sweetly perfumed scent, Alyogyne huegelii the Native hibiscus, Grevillea ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ to attract the birds and Ozothamnus ‘Springtime White’ a new Australian Rice Flower.
Drop some Seasol planting gel into the hole when you’re planting your Natives so that your new plants’ roots will have easy access to water and nutrients.  And make sure you finish with a thick layer of mulch to really keep your water use down.

Keeping the soil in good condition will also help it to retain water - but you need to be careful when fertilizing your natives because – like our waterways - many of them are sensitive to phosphorous.

Many natives, like Banksias and Grevilleas have specialised root systems called proteiod roots that only allow them to take up phosphorous at very low levels, which means that most fertilizers, which contain high levels of Phosphorous, are toxic to Natives.  Make sure you look for Powerfeed, which is safe to use on all Native plants.
PowerFeed has all the essential nutrients to promote lush growth in Natives plus fish and liquid composts to improve and condition the soil.  Apply every few weeks during the growing season.
Natives also love a regular application of Seasol, which is also safe for all Natives. Seasol helps plants to resist heat stress, frost, pests and diseases, so it's ideal for a healthy Native garden with minimum effort.
Look for Seasol and PowerFeed - and their handy pre-mixed pack - in garden centres, hardware stores and selected supermarkets.  Check online for more information.