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Now is the ideal time to plant roses and they like full-sun, so choose a nice sunny spot in the garden and prepare the soil by digging in some soil conditioner a couple of weeks before you plant.

When you do plant, adding some Seasol Planting Gel to the bottom of the hole will ensure that your new roses have Seasol and extra nutrients readily available.
Seasol Planting Gel is a semi-hydrated water crystal that’s injected with Seasol and a dynamic nutrient formula to make sure that plants are given the best possible start.

Seasol promotes thicker, stronger cell walls making plants more able to cope with stresses like heat, drought and frost.  It also makes plants more resistant to sucking insects and fungal attack – which is ideal for helping keep black spot and aphids off your precious roses.

Apply Seasol at planting and regularly throughout the season to initiate root development and promote strong, healthy growth.
Begin feeding your roses when they burst into growth in spring. Liquid feed every fortnight throughout the growing season with PowerFeed, a dynamic liquid fertilizer and soil conditioner. You’ll get lush growth, loads more flowers and enhanced flower colour.
Both Seasol and Powerfeed are safe for all the plants in your garden.  Used together, they’re a great boost for everything from Vegetables right through to phosphorous sensitive Natives.

Seasol stimulates root development and promotes spectacular flowers.  It also builds resistance to disease, pests and frost.  And because it also boosts resistance to drought, it’s ideal for a WaterWise garden.

And Powerfeed is the perfect complement to Seasol. It’s also low in phosphorous and has all the right nutrients to promote growth, along with fish and liquid composts to improve and condition the soil.
Seasol and Powerfeed are available already combined in a variety of sizes including a handy two-litre hose-on pack.

Find Seasol, Seasol Planting Gel and Powerfeed at all good gardening and hardware outlets and selected supermarkets.