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Air conditioning! We just couldn’t live without it today.
Introducing the most sophisticated reverse-cycle air-conditioning system available on the market today. The Gen 3 from Intelligent Life.

Standard systems have one central sensor which promotes uncomfortable hot, cold and patchy zones throughout your home. The Gen 3 has a temperature sensor in every room of your home, effortlessly maintaining the temperature you set for that space.
You simply set the temperature you desire for that particular room … and that’s it. Everyone in your home can choose their own room temperature.

Each room will stay at that temperature regardless of its orientation to the sun or whether it’s upstairs or downstairs. You can even entirely shut down the rooms you’re not using. AND, it’s energy efficient. The Gen 3 is up to 38% more energy efficient than standard single thermostat systems.

Reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning from Intelligent Life.  How intelligent.