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MyRate is a multi-award winning direct home loan lender, providing a low-cost, full service and feature-packed alternative to traditional lenders like banks, building societies and credit unions. And … MyRate’s interest rate is up to one per cent cheaper than the rest of them.

That’s absolutely right. Around 1 per cent cheaper. With a $300,000 loan, that’s a saving of around $1,000 a year.
There’s no need to go to a bank or credit society for meetings either. With MyRate, a few clicks on the keyboard from wherever you choose to be and you’re on your way. You do the whole application online or over the phone and there are NO FEES on standard applications.  And some of the lowest interest rates going. The home loan is securely funded by ING and you’ll receive hassle free service with instant pre-approval and a 5 day formal approval guarantee.

MyRate has no expensive branches to run so there are low overheads.  If you’re tired of paying high interest rates and fees then check out MyRate. You can save thousands of dollars and have a loan account that you can manage from your very own desktop with NO FEES.