Esperance Visitor Centre

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Rodney Hilton



(08) 9071 0654

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0427 710 654

PO Box 507
Esperance WA 6450

Barely a month old, Esperance’s Maritime Museum is bursting full of history dating back to the 1700’s.

The Maritime Museum is an extension of the original Heritage Museum, which opened in 1976.
Museum curator Dorothy Andre says the reason for the project was the gifting of an old pilot boat by the local Port Authority. “It was so big we had nowhere to put it!”

And remember when SKY LAB fell out of the sky…There’s a new heritage walk called ‘Ships to Skylab’ - not to be missed.

This place is amazing! If you want to rediscover history and learn about stories such as Black Jack the Pirate who lived on an island with a Pink Lake and stole all the women and sheep, then call the Esperance Visitor Centre on 1300 66 44 55.  It’s open everyday!