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It’s said the average person can expect to change their job up to 10 times.
You’d be amazed what some celebrities did before they made it big…Anne Hathaway used to be a babysitter, Miley Cyrus scrubbed toilets, Johnny Depp sold pens over the phone and Ozzy Osbourne worked in a slaughterhouse. Yuk!
So, if you’re looking to kick-start a new career or even pave your way to a new one, I know just the place…and yes…it’s right here in country WA.   

Curtin Vocational Training and Educational Centre in Esperance. It offers a unique range of training courses designed to suit you and your lifestyle.

Curtin VTEC’s Esperance campus currently has around 450 students enrolled across a range of areas such as Graphic Design, Retail, Business, Hospitality and Fitness.

The best thing about training here is that some courses offer a mix of learning on the job, in class or online. So, if you’re trying to juggle other parts of your life while you study, you can work at a pace that suits a peaceful country town.

Caroline Abbey, Curtin VTEC’s Printing & Graphic Arts Lecturer, says this place can change your future. “We all live in an increasingly global world that is constantly changing in technology, skills, knowledge and opportunities. And often, people in the regions can’t access these. Here at Curtin VTEC Esperance they can. So they’re prepared to take advantage of these ever emerging opportunities.”

And even though Curtin VTEC is here in Esperance they have a prominent role in training the ‘Tradies of the Future’ in this region.
The apprenticeship and traineeships deliver a range of skills for Automotive industry, Plant Mechanics, Metal Fabrication and Agriculture.

Life-long learning through quality training can enrich your life.

And who would’ve thought you’d get it here in Esperance. And they even have a college up in Kalgoorlie.

If you live in the region or would like a ‘Sea Change’ while studying for your chosen path, find out more by contacting Curtin VTEC today!