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The Resources Boom is driving Australian jobs at the moment, especially in building and construction.

Now, tradies can earn as much as Doctors. But, a good tradie is hard to find…so where do you find someone with the skills to back them up?

Well, the Esperance Senior High School is building the new Esperance Regional Trade Training Centre to cope with the demand.

Due to be completed at the end of the year, it’ll be worth 5 million dollars – far beyond Australia’s trade standards.

Esperance’s new Trade Training Centre will work alongside the entire district’s high schools, giving students a heads up in the workforce.

This way, students can afford to stay home and find work locally, rather than having to jet off and look for work in the big cities or overseas. And it’s also a win for local businesses, who can hire around town.

The new Trade Training Centre believes in a hands on approach. One day at the Trade Centre, one day doing practical work and the other three days spent learning in school.

Students will graduate with a Certificate 2 in General Construction, which means by the time they finish Year 12, they’ll have an entry level into the industry.

The two-year program, which starts in Year 11, will allow students to showcase their skills to local businesses and builders with the likelihood of picking up work even before they enter the workforce.

The new Trade Training Centre will help to support Australia’s industry for decades to come.
Esperance Senior High School also hopes the Trade Training Centre will expand into wet trades too, such as Bricklayers, Painters and Plasterers.

So go on, build yourself a future! Call Esperance Senior High School on 9071 9555 to enter the workforce now.