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Once you’ve made the decision to live and enjoy life in Esperance, and what a great decision that is, your thoughts will possibly drift towards designing a home or office here. Well you’re in very good hands with Ramm’s Building Design. Here’s why.

The director and designer at Ramm’s is Gary Ramm. Gary has the distinction of being an accredited HIA GreenSmart Professional, contributing to improving the environmental performance of Australia’s Building Industry, delivering environmental improvements in a cost effective manner, and working with other GreenSmart Professionals to pursue exceptional environmental management in the building industry.

They set out to design their homes based upon their building design company’s standard design ethics and principles, with the environment very much at the forefront. This includes a passive solar design, correct use of water saving and recycling devices, selection of ideal building materials, landscaping and fit out. They’re really trying to encourage more new home buyers to request the incorporation of best practice into their building plans.

Gary is a keen proponent of solar passive design, so much so that he has designed his many projects ranging from housing, two and three storey unit developments, and commercial and industrial concepts with this feature in mind.

Gary is also showcasing his talents as a solar passive designer with the exceptional eco-friendly design of his family home’s two storey renovations.

Ramm’s Building Design has been welcomed as a member of The Building Designers Association of WA, The Master Builders Association and The Housing Industry Association, so you know you’re in good hands.

With over 30 years’ experience in the architectural and building industry, the quality of Ramm’s projects will stand the test of time, wherever you may be in Western Australia.