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Everyone loves soft, warm, fluffy towels…especially in winter.

Kleenmaid St George at Malaga has a great deal on right now … with its new natural gas tumble dryers.

While natural gas clothes dryers are a little more expensive than standard dryers to buy – the long term gains far outweigh the short-time pain.

They're a lot more energy efficient than electric dryers, far more environmentally friendly, you can throw almost anything in them … doonas, blankets, curtains, shoes.

And…clothes that have been tumble dried in the natural gas dryer don't need ironing – they come out crease free.

Kleenmaid St George also has a huge range of cooking and laundry appliances….if you're building or renovating I'd urge you to go into their stores at Malaga or Cannington and have a look.

For more information about natural gas dryers and the huge range of household appliances call AlintaGas on 131358 or check the Home in WA website.