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Gen 3 from Intelligent Life provides individual room temperature control with a temperature sensor in every room.
The one system allows you to independently regulate the temperature in each room in your home.

But it doesn’t matter how clever an architect is, or how versatile the air-conditioning system, if you have limited roof space, it can be impossible to fit bulky A/C piping and ducts.

To accommodate a standard unit, the design of the home, the efficiency of the system or the budget will be compromised. Or perhaps all three.
But not, with Intelligent Life Small Ducted Systems.
These ducts are just 90 mil outside diameter compared with 300 mil with standard ducting.

And if you are renovating an older home, you’ll benefit from the small ducted system because you won’t need to gut the building to get the job done.

These small ducts are flexible enough to adapt to the existing construction. You’ll save yourself some serious inconvenience and money!
The outlets are the size of a down- light and the actual duct is the size of a vacuum cleaner hose. It is so unobtrusive.

Another innovation from Intelligent Life.
The whisper quiet Small Duct System.