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There’s been a quiet revolution taking place in the South West for quite a while now. And James Hardie is at the front line.

Communities are chasing alternatives to the drab approach of square brick housing found in the suburbs of Perth where streetscapes can look mundane because of the use of the same materials and colours.
Scyon from James Hardie has definitely fixed that issue.
Composite materials on a home mean the façade is broken up with different texture and colour to enhance its appeal and create vibrant and modern homes and then as the suburb builds out the streetscapes are more contemporary and dynamic. This form of Building increases the value and performance of the home. Composite housing is affordable and very sustainable meaning you save on heating and cooling costs without compromising on design.

With the great lines and form offered by the versatility of Scyon Cladding, framed buildings offer cost effective creations. Scion from James Hardie, providing aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sustainable homes. It will look fantastic now and in the future. By using different cladding materials on composite housing a much more attractive streetscape can be achieved and this type of building and detailing will be the way of the future.