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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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If you drop kitchen items nearly as often as me, then we’re both in luck…Bamboozle bamboo floors are as tough as they get.

Made from bamboo, it’s more than 70% tougher than our native Jarrah.

Perfect, for any busy lifestyle…

You can order these robust floors direct from Bamboozle – the biggest bamboo company in Australia.

Mark Hutchinson runs this company with his family. He pioneered the company in his living room!

“When we first started, my living room was my only showroom – it was humble beginnings. But like anything, the product was refined over the years and has come a long way since then. Now we’ve been running our business for 8 years strong and have won a few awards for it along the way.”

“We owe it all to the success of the composite technology we adopted, which is exclusive to our Bamwood range. This has now made bamboo suitable for Perth conditions.”

Bamboozle’s hardwood bamboo can be sanded and polished every 7 -10 years to keep them looking great. This can be done at least 4 times, so that’s a life of 50 years.

And not only that, they also look amazing.

Visit a Bamboozle showroom today – it’s flooring that warms the home and heart!