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For me, there’s no escape when it comes to shopping, especially shoes on sale!

Whether you monitor petrol prices to save, or hunt for the cheapest milk at the supermarket – it’s all about shopping around to get bang for your buck, so you can put hard earned money to better use.

But…If you’re looking to purchase something bigger, like a house, then this is where MyRate can help.

Myrate is a multi-award winning direct home loan lender offering low rate no fee home loans.

MyRate deals directly with you, cutting out the costly middle man. Their rates are about 1% lower than the big banks which means big savings when you’re talking big dollars over a loan term.

So for example, if you’re wanting a home loan for a hundred thousand dollars and you’re saving 1%, that’s about a thousand dollars in your pocket, which could buy you roughly 300 cups of coffee per year. Not a bad little saving!

And because it’s online, there’s no fancy shop fronts which means further fee savings are passed on to you.

And they’ve won a swag of awards, too, for both their products and their customer service.

So if you’re a first time homebuyer, or you have an established loan and are looking to re-finance then check out MyRate.

It could save you thousands!
Call them on 1300 663 558 or go on-line to