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Summer is just around the corner and living it up in the gorgeous outdoors is the heartbeat for most West Australians. But maintaining this lifestyle can be time consuming and what should be so enjoyable can become a dreadful chore.

Save time and money with Enduroshield. A revolutionary permanent non-stick coating for many surfaces around your home. It’s available for glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles, and stainless steel.

Glass balustrading is great for enjoying water views. But more often than not it’s a full time job keeping it clean.  However after one application of Enduroshield a simple wipe of the surface with a microfiber cloth will keep the glass sparkling in next to no time, without any scrubbing or chemicals.

Enduroshield is ideal for use on glass swimming pool fences and balustrades and their stainless steel frames.  If you apply it at completion of installation it can save you hours of cleaning and maintenance. Homes with large expanses of glass can also benefit from the reduced cleaning that it delivers.  Because of its durability when exposed to the elements Enduroshield is also suited for marine applications and can slash maintenance times on your boat.

Enduroshield’s faith in their service is illustrated in their impressive warranties of up to ten years. Reduce your cleaning time and get out there and start enjoying the great Australian outdoors.