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Suite 7, 1 Longfellow Court
Belmont WA 6104

Switch Homes build homes for living and because every lifestyle is different, every design is completely flexible.  The Switch range of floorplans and display homes are just the starting point for a finished home that is unique to your lifestyle, your family and your needs.  The final design is up to you!

Switch Homes also have the ability to adapt and evolve to your changing lifestyle with rooms that can easily suit a variety of functions.  They also build-in the option to change the layout of your home, even after it’s been built.
The option of including some internal non-structural stud walls gives you the opportunity to easily remove walls and change your living spaces as your needs change.  Now that’s flexibility!
You’ll find open-plan living areas and functional zones that are designed to work effectively together for family living.  You’ll also find good design principals used to create a home that suits how you live in it.

And you can start living in your Switch home as soon as you move in.  A complete lighting package right down to energy-efficient lightglobes is a standard inclusion and you’ll have the assistance of your own designer right throughout the selections process with Switch Select.

There’s also a range of Switch Extras home-completion packages available that give you access to finishing services like landscaping and painting at Trade prices.
Switch Homes has display homes open in Averley, Ellenbrook, Wanneroo and Harrisdale to give you some ideas about making the Switch to a home that better suits your lifestyle.