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Everywhere we look..every building around us every day, would not be possible without the building and construction industry. And the quality of that environment would not be possible without quality training of the people involved in the construction..and that includes your own home

The BCITF helps put those training programmes in place - with School to Work programmes, apprentice training, up-skilling training programmes for those wishing to advance within the industry, and opportunities for employers to take advantage of training supported by the BCITF. It all ends up in a vibrant career in building and construction.

The BCITF is able to fund these programmes of training and skills advancement through a levy placed on every building and construction site in WA. For example, around $6 million dollars of funding is available each year through the BCITF to support a wide range of quality training.

There are programmes of training and skills improvement for everyone within the building and construction industry - students still at school who believe that this might be their first career choice, for apprentices, trades, executives and employers

The BCITF can send more information to parents of secondary school students and youngsters considering a career in building and construction and also to employers and those already working in the industry.

Call them during business hours on 9381 3900 or visit their website on