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Stuart Collison



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Gen 3 from Intelligent Life provides individual room temperature control with a temperature sensor in every room. It takes every family member’s requirement into account by noting everyone’s personal preference. The one system allows you to keep your bedroom at say, a comfortable 24 degrees, while maybe you’d like the home gym at an invigorating 20 degrees.

With yesterday’s technology, it wasn’t unusual for one end of the home to be Antarctic ... with the other end Equatorial.
With Gen 3 ... those days are gone.

If you wish, Gen 3 can air-condition just the room you are using. If you are home alone you can only use one room at a time, so it makes sense to have a ducted air conditioning system that allows you the option of heating or cooling any single room in your home. One system lets you do just that.
With Gen 3 you can pick and choose precisely which room or combination of rooms you want air-conditioned.

Gen 3 can also sense when outside temperature and humidity drop and switch off the cooling automatically to bring filtered fresh, cool air into your home.

The Gen 3 is also up to a massive 38% more energy efficient than standard systems. And, it is at a comparable price to standard systems.

Intelligent Life ... Intelligent Living.