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Since the bidet was invented in the 1960’s its found its way into almost every European bathroom and is now growing in popularity across the globe.  But instead of taking up precious space in what is usually the smallest room in the house, the paperless toilet seat from the Bidet Shop simply replaces your existing toilet seat.    

They’re simple to install and they’re just as simple to operate.  With nothing more than the push of a button, the bidet toilet seat will clean you with a gentle spray of water and then dry you with a stream of warm air.

The Bidet Shop’s paperless toilet seat is ideal for the infirm, the elderly or the handicapped and if you’re toilet training a toddler, you will love this gadget!  But it’s not just for the old or disabled, it’s also ideal if you’re building or renovating and you simply want to include ALL the mod-cons.
The Bidet Seat eliminates germs being passed from bathroom taps and door handles to the rest of the house and beyond.  It’s also great for our forests!  Along with consuming millions of trees each year, the manufacture of toilet paper also uses trillions of gallons of water and chemical bleaches.  

The Bidet Shop stocks the widest range of bidets available in Australia and they are the only company who guarantees every one of the bidets they supply is fully approved for installation on Australian toilets.
Prices start at around $ 200 and you can find your nearest stockist of Bidets from The Bidet Shop by calling 1800 243 387 more information.