Centurion Garage Doors
'Made using BlueScope Steel'

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Centurion Garage Doors



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The humble garage door can make such a big difference to the appearance of your home. It can also affect the safety of your home. For looks, reliability and security it’s got to be Centurion doors made with tough and durable Colorbond Steel from BlueScope Steel.

Centurion Garage Doors is a wholly owned Australian company which has specialised in the manufacture and supply of Roller Shutters, Grilles and Garage Doors for over 35 years
Centurion has been a pioneer of the shutter and door industry in Australia, not only priding themselves on the quality of their products, but on the expertise of their people, from management and manufacturing through to their onsite technicians.

Centurion manufactures a broad range of residential and commercial door styles.
In fact, they’re the largest WA based door manufacturer.
These quality doors can be custom designed to suit nearly any architectural style.

Their new Avanti battery door opener has some amazing features.
There’s the ‘soft stop/soft start’ feature to make sure your door operates smoothly.
Super quiet operation, so you won’t annoy people in your home or your neighbours.
The unique non moving chain system reduces noise and maintenance

There’s a dual power system so you’ll be able to operate your door even during a power failure.
You’ll also have Photo Eye protection technology so that your door won’t close on your car, your pet or a family member by mistake. If something breaks the beam, the door automatically stops and reverses.

The look of your garage door is as important as the look of your home. By investing in a Centurion Garage Door made with quality Colorbond Steel from BlueScope Steel, you’ll add value and security to your home.