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Perhaps one of the strongest selling points of double-glazed windows is that they reduce our impact on the environment.  In the current economic climate, however, it’s the cost savings that could prove to be the more attractive feature.

Double-glazed windows can save you big dollars every year simply by reducing the use of artificial heating and cooling in your home and Envirovision windows and doors can cut that cost even further.

Envirovision windows and doors are made from a UPVC plastic which is less conductive than traditional materials, so it further reduces heat transference.  And double weather seals all the way round the frame mean no drafts coming in and no heat going out.
And the very same features that give Envirovision windows and doors superior thermal insulation properties, also reduce noise by up to 65% so they’re ideal for homes in busy areas.

Installing Envirovision windows and doors at the build stage is a great way to save money over the lifetime of your home and they also look terrific.  Find out more about how Envirovision can deliver superior insulation and direct cost savings by giving them a call on 9345 4662.