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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Vittorio Natoli / Elise Papamibail



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Keeping memories are so important and are sometimes what matters most.

It’s time to check out Viva Photography - Australia’s most recognised Photographic studios. They know how to capture special moments in your life and make them last forever.

Over the years, beautiful and timeless images have been created by Viva – for families, babies, pets, weddings, the beauty of pregnancy and for those daring enough, discreet nude shots can be done.

They say, walking into Viva is like dropping in on an old mate – you’ll feel welcome, relaxed and you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t been here more often.

No feather boas or pixie outfits here, Viva specialise in a natural style of photography, capturing the essence of people (and pets) at key times of their lives.

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