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There are many things that constantly change in this world…and the Mortgage Market changes as often as…well…we change our clothes. And choosing a home loan can be a difficult decision.

Of course, deciding which loan product best suits you is a slightly bigger decision; one where it definitely pays to shop around!

Choosing the right lender and the right home loan for your individual needs can save you money.  Money you could be putting toward the little luxuries in life.

And if you know how to shop smart, you may just bag yourself a real bargain!

MyRate is a direct lender offering rates at up to 1% lower than the major banks.   How’s that for a bargain?

And with MyRate there are no Fees on standard applications, that means no valuation fees, no settlement fees, no redraw fees and no ongoing monthly fees – now that is a bargain!

And because MyRate are direct lending specialists, you don’t have to do the run-around to get your loan.

With MyRate, you do the whole application online and over the phone.  So, you can do it at your convenience with the least amount of fuss.

Now, you might think that a Low Interest, No Fees loan comes with no fruit.  Well, MyRate products are fully-featured and have all the bells and whistles you’d expect like Internet banking, unlimited free redraws and flexible payment methods. Sweet!

As a Direct Lender, MyRate has lower overheads and there’s no middleman to pay.  And because you apply and manage your account online, they can pass the savings onto you with a rate up to 1% cheaper than the major banks.

And those low interest rates don’t mean you get cheap service.  Experienced consultants are available to answer any questions you may have and you’ll have the same consultant from your first enquiry through to settlement.

MyRate has packages to suit first home-buyers, those looking to refinance, right through to investors, providing a low-cost, full service and feature-packed alternative to traditional lenders.

All MyRate loans are securely funded by one of the world’s largest banking institutions – ING Bank Australia-  And they’ve won a swag of awards, too, for both their products and their customer service.

So, if you’re a first time homebuyer, looking to reduce your existing loan repayments, refinancing your loan to MyRate could be one solution to lower those fees and help you save.

I know, I can think of at least a thousand better ways to spend my money than giving it back to a bunch of bankers!

Call MyRate on 1300 663 558 or visit their website at