Concrete Taxi

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Peter Carey



08 9361 5351

0408 936 940

15, 885 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park WA 6101

The worst thing about any 'small' concreting job when you order via a bigger cement supplier is how to request the correct amount of concrete and what to do with the left over concrete. Well now there's a company that solves that problem, by mixing the exact amount you need, on site....say hello to the CONCRETE TAXI.

Concrete Taxi, is a purpose built, self contained mixing unit that can 'mix on site' the exact amount you need. Concrete Taxi can also get up steep drives and get closer to those hard to get at jobs. Ideal for the home handyman, even commercial jobs, it is perfect for those who may only need a small amount. Concrete Taxi eliminates the need for you to buy the cements, sand and agregate for that small job.

Give Peter Carey from Concrete Taxi a call on 0408 936 940.